In press – three new papers now available to BCFO members from British Columbia Birds

The following In press papers are now available on the BCFO Member’s area of the British Columbia Birds web site:

Butler, R. W. 2021. Taxonomy of the Northwestern Crow Corvus caurinus.

Brown, J.C., L.Y. Gertsman, M.A. Young. 2021. Confirmed breeding and range-limit sighting of Enigmatic (Type 7) Red Crossbills (Loxia curvirostra) in British Columbia.

Rosenfield, R. N., W. E. Stout, A. C. Stewart, T. G. Driscoll, S. A. Sonsthagen, and J. P. Seibel. 2021. Are there Gloger tail bands in British Columbia Cooper’s Hawks?