Special issue


  The status, ecology and conservation of internationally important
bird populations on the Fraser River delta, British Columbia, Canada

The Fraser River Delta is one of the richest and most important ecosystems for migrating and wintering birds in Canada. It is one of Canada’s most impressive Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA) and is a significant candidate for one of Canada’s most important Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA).

It is also a region of increasing human population and accompanying development pressure. Three decades ago The birds of the Fraser River Delta: populations, ecology and international significance, by R.W. Butler and W.R. Campbell, documented the importance of the region for birds and provided recommendations for the region’s protection . Since then, many conservation measures have been implemented and much new information on the birds and biodiversity of the region has been acquired, but pressures from urbanization and industrial development continue. In this Special Issue of British Columbia Birds, current information is presented as well as a new set of recommendations for conservation of the region.

British Columbia Field Ornithologists is pleased to present this volume and to make it widely available on our website. We hope that it will be used as a stimulus for further conservation action.

Download a copy of this Special Issue of British Columbia Birds here.