Volume 16 • 2006




  1. Distribution and density of Williamson’s Sapsucker in British Columbia, Canada
    Les.W. Gyug, I. Penny Ohanjanian, Christoph Steeger, Irene A. Manley, and Peter W. Davidson
  2. Nesting observations of Hutton’s Vireo in the Greater Victoria area of British Columbia
    Anne S. Downton and Kendra S. Harris
  3. Osprey monitoring in the West Kootenay region: Results from 2006
    Janice E. Arndt
  4. Scoters and other birds feeding on purple varnish clams: Some observations at Spanish Banks, Vancouver, British Columbia
    J. M. Ryder
  5. A third and southern-most breeding record for Long-Tailed Ducks in British Columbia
    Anne Macleod, Todd Mahon, and Laurence Turney
  6. Extra-limital observations of Sedge Wren and other birds in northeastern British Columbia and southwestern Northwest Territories
    Garry E. Hornbeck and Ray Wershler
  7. Northern Harrier impaled on barbed wire fence
    Martin K. Mcnicholl