Nesting observations of Hutton’s Vireo in the Greater Victoria area of British Columbia

Anne S. Downton1,5 and Kendra S. Harris2

1 115 Jedburgh Pl., Victoria B.C. V9B 6N7; e-mail:
2 3047 Island View Rd., Saanichton B.C. V8M 1W4

Abstract: Between February and May 2004, we visited eleven locations in the Greater Victoria area in British Columbia in search of breeding Hutton’s Vireos (Vireo huttoni insularis). Hutton’s Vireos were seen and/or heard at five of these locations, and nesting pairs were located at two of them. During the breeding season, 32 and 33 hours of observations were made at the two nests. One nest successfully fledged three juveniles, while the other nest was destroyed before the young could fledge. The nests were located at heights of 3.1 m and 2.7 m above the ground and had internal dimensions of 4.7 cm and 5.7 cm diameter and 3.2 cm and 4.5 cm depth. Both parents shared in brooding responsibilities. Time to hatch in the successful nest was 16 or 17 days, and subsequent time to fledge was between 16 and 17 days.

Key words: Hutton’s Vireo, Vireo huttoni insularis, Vancouver Island, nest construction, incubation, brooding, foraging, fledging

PDFicon Downton, A.S. and K.S. Harris. 2007. Nesting observations of Hutton’s Vireo in the greater Victoria area of British Columbia. British Columbia Birds 16:16-19.


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