A third and southern-most breeding record for Long-tailed Ducks in British Columbia

Anne MacLeod,1 Todd Mahon,2 and Laurence Turney 1

1 Gartner Lee Limited, 2175 Millar Road, Smithers, B.C., V0J 2N6; e-mail: amacleod@gartnerlee.com; lturney@gartnerlee.com
2 Wildfor Consultants Ltd., P.O. Box 562, Telkwa, B.C., V0J 2X0; e-mail: todd.mahon@gmail.com

Abstract: A Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis) observed with young on 15 July 2006 at Mulvaney Lake in north-central British Columbia is the third and southern-most breeding record documented in the province. Using this observation and available details from the previous observations we estimate that the nest was initiated during the second week of June and hatching was during the second week of July, which is in the early part of the range established elsewhere. Including this observation, all known occurrences of nesting in B.C. were near subalpine lakes, likely in wetland, shrub or krumholtz habitats. Based on the Mulvaney Lake findings and those from northwestern B.C., it appears likely that Long-tailed Ducks are at least occasional breeders in other portions of the northern mountains of B.C.

Key words: British Columbia, Mulvaney Lake, Long-tailed Duck, Clangula hyemalis, breeding, record, distribution

PDFicon MacLeod, A., T. Mahon, and L. Turney. 2007. A third and southern-most breeding record for Long-tailed Duck in British Columbia. British Columbia Birds 16:28-31.


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