First record of a Red-flanked Bluetail for Canada

Chris Chutter

313-4529 West Saanich Rd., Victoria, B.C. V8Z 3G3; e-mail:

Abstract: Within B.C., Greater Yellowlegs are known to breed in wet, boreal forests of the northeast as well as in areas bordering the Alaska Panhandle. In the spring of 2014 a population of Greater Yellowlegs was found to be breeding near the northern tip of Vancouver Island; despite similar habitat characteristics this is well outside its known breeding range.

Keywords: Greater Yellowlegs, Tringa melanoleuca, breeding range, Vancouver Island

PDFicon McKenzie, C. 2016. First record of a Red-flanked Bluetail for Canada. British Columbia Birds 26:4–7. First published online June 2015.


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