Volume 28 • 2018

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  1. The  Courtenay‐Comox  Christmas  bird  count  1919–1959  and  a  comparison  with  winter  birds  today  in  the  Comox  Valley. 
    Art Martell
  2. Early bird records from Mitlenatch Island, British Columbia, 1963–1973
    Robert W. Butler
  3. A snapshot of songbird banding on Calvert Island, British Columbia
    Kimberley Wetten and Eric Demers
  4. An example of year-round nest fidelity among urban-resident Glaucous-winged Gulls (Larus glaucescens) in Vancouver, B.C., Canada
    Edward Kroc
  5. Marbled Murrelets associate with fish prey
    Robert W. Butler and Rod MacVicar
  6. B.C. Field Ornithologists Bird Records Committee Report for 2017
    Nathan T. Hentze