The breeding biology of a British Columbia American Avocet colony

Jason Weir

3048 Quail Crescent, Kelowna, B.C. V1V 2A1

Abstract: Breeding biology data were collected in 1997 at the first documented American Avocet colony in British Columbia. At least 39 adult avocets were observed at the site, with 19 nests found. The nests were clustered on or near small islands. As elsewhere, the most frequent clutch size was four eggs, but five-egg clutches were more frequent that usual, and there were two “superclutches.” Nest sites, egg measurements, nesting chronology and post-hatching behaviour were similar to those reported at other breeding sites. Hatching success was about 77%.

Key words: American Avocet, breeding biology, British Columbia, Recurvirostra americana, superclutches

PDFicon Weir, J. 1997. The breeding biology of a British Columbia American Avocet colony. British Columbia Birds 7:3-7.


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