In press – The following 6 articles and book review are now available on the BCFO Members area of the British Columbia Birds web site, completing the contents of Volume 34:

Rosenfield, R.N., A.C. Stewart, and W.E. Stout. 2023. Do wing moult and egg size in yearling female Cooper’s Hawks reveal age-dependent intrinsic liabilities when breeding? British Columbia Birds 34:2–8. (posted previously)

Town, S., R. Torrenta, and D. Bradley. 2023. Multiple nests found and chick development documented at the only known Black Swift (Cypseloides niger) nesting colony in coastal British Columbia. British Columbia Birds 34:9–18.

Gyug, L.W., J. Coleshill, M. Harrison, J. Hobbs, and T. Luszcz. 2023. Lewis’s Woodpecker breeding population size and trends in Grand Forks, British Columbia, after a severe flood event. British Columbia Birds 34:19–28.

Cooper, J.M. 2023. Probable cougar (Puma concolor) predation on a Sandhill Crane (Antigone canadensis). British Columbia Birds 34:29–31.

Matsuda, B.M., and C.J. Howe. 2023. Painted anemone consumption of a Pacific Wren on Vancouver Island. British Columbia Birds 34:32–33.

Bertrands, J. 2023. B.C. Field Ornithologists Bird Records Committee Report for 2022. British Columbia Birds 34:34–37.

Book Review — The Origin and Distribution of Birds in Coastal Alaska and British Columbia: The Lost Manuscript of Ornithologist Harry S. Swarth. British Columbia Birds 34:38–39.