About British Columbia Birds

The British Columbia Field Ornithologists began publishing British Columbia Birds in 1991. It has since become the journal of record for British Columbia ornithologists and birders.

The first Editor of British Columbia Birds was Wayne Weber (1991–1993), with editorial assistance from Chris Siddle, Marian Porter and Mary Taitt. Martin McNicholl was Editor from 1994–2003 and established an Editorial Board and Production Editors. Editors since then have been John Sprague (2004–2008), Art Martell (2009-2021), and Nathan Hentze (2022-present). The Production Editors have been Andy and Marilyn Buhler (1994–2006), Neil K. Dawe (2007–2022), and Daryl Henderson (2023–present).

The journal is archived in the National Library of Canada, Serials Records Section; Canadian Museum of Nature; Royal Ontario Museum; Van Tyne Memorial Library of Wilson Ornithological Society (Michigan); and the larger university and public libraries in British Columbia. Articles are abstracted in “Zoological Record” and online in “Ornithological Worldwide Literature”.