Peregrine Falcon hunting from cruise ships

Bruce Whittington

1031 Dunsmuir Crescent, Ladysmith, B.C. V9G 1N7; email:

Abstract: A Peregrine Falcon was observed hunting Brachyramphus murrelets from a cruise ship in Alaska and returning to the ship to eat them. There is a potential impact of this behaviour on threatened Kittlitz’s Murrelets, Brachyramphus

Key Words: Peregrine Falcon, Falco peregrinus, Kittlitz’s Murrelet, Brachyramphus brevirostris, Marbled Murrelet, Brachyramphus marmoratus, hunting from ship, hunting at sea, Alaska.

PDFicon Whittington, B. 2014. Peregrine Falcon hunting from cruise ships. British Columbia Birds 24: 6–8. First published on-line July 2013./span>


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