Volume 24 • 2014


Vol 24 Cover-s

  1. Progressively earlier breeding of Peregrine Falcons on Langara Island, British Columbia
    R. Wayne Nelson
  2. Peregrine Falcon hunting from cruise ships
    Bruce Whittington
  3. Distribution, relative abundance and population size of Williamson’s Sapsucker in south-central British Columbia
    Les W. Gyug, John M. Cooper, and Chris Steeger
  4. High concentration of Barrow’s Goldeneye
    (Bucephala islandica) wintering in Castlegar, British Columbia
    Janice E. Arndt
  5. Bird observations by H.H. Currie in the West Kootenay area of British Columbia, 1940 – 1944
    Bill Merilees
  6. Bird observations by Walter B. Johnstone in the West Kootenay area of British Columbia, 1915–1919
    Bill Merilees
  7. B.C. Field Ornithologists Bird Records Committee Report for 2013
    Nathan T. Hentze