Volume 31 • 2021

Volume 31 cover

  1. Birds recorded at Langara Island, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, 1970 and 1971, augmented by records of early naturaists
    Spencer G. Sealy
  2. Changes in first arrival dates of migratory birds in the Comox Valley, B.C., in 2011–2020 compared to 1920–1958
    Arthur M. Martell
  3. Daily consumption of sugar syrup by Rufous Hummingbirds at feeders in Clearwater, British Columbia, 2013–2020
    Dennis A. Leonard
  4. Monitoring Osprey nests on the Arrow Lakes, British Columbia, 1994–2020
    Gary Davidson
  5. Taxonomy of the Northwestern Crow Corvus caurinus
    Robert W. Butler
  6. Confirmed breeding and range-limit sighting of Enigmatic (Type 7) Red Crossbills (Loxia curvirostra) in British Columbia
    Joshua C. Brown, Liron Y. Gertsman, Matthew A. Young
  7. Are there Gloger tail bands in British Columbia Cooper’s Hawks?
    Robert N. Rosenfield, William E. Stout, Andrew C. Stewart, Timothy G. Driscoll, Sarah A. Sonsthagen, and John P. Seibel
  8. B.C. Field Ornithologists Bird Records Committee Report for 2020
    Catherine Craig